Fifa World Cup 2014 Fever

It’s almost 3 am and I didn’t wake up in the middle of night to watch the world cup matches. I have been awake since last day and doing things I love 😀 It’s been only a few days I have been back from 10 Days Vipassana Meditation Camp and I found the world cup fever was already there and many people were already affected by that. Here I am writing my view and I don’t expect every other people out there support my view. After all, different people view the same thing with different perception. 😀 Yeah even our brain sees the same things with different perception depending upon the time and situation :p

Yes, I was never interested to any kinda sports but that doesn’t mean I will be writing this post to show my hatred towards anything or anyone. All I knew was computer gaming, which I still love and play when I get some free time 😀 . Once again world cup fever was back and I hadn’t any excitement like the previous one 😛 Many of my friends started posting photos on social medias with jersey of favorite team of their. I was just looking at them and trying just not to analyze them with my foolish ideas 😛 Yeah, I admit that 😀

I love programming and finding the actual logic behind that program. But even after wandering for several weeks I couldn’t found that proper logic for the people with the brain who support some country and were fighting the social medias posting with rude comments -_- . Entertainment ? I know that word too 😛 Obviously there are many other ways to entertain. I don’t even mean that stop watching football and start programming till late night like me 😛 . It may be good for you to support some specific country with your own logic but that is not necessarily right for others too. All the people don’t have the same brain inside them. Support the country with you best player or logic of your own but have you people ever thought what your activities are helping or promoting ? In some online news firm I found that some of the people in Kathmandu, the capital city Nepal started motorbike rally with Brazil jersey with the intention to show that they support Brazil. Are they all fucking dumb? Seriously, FIFA is not gonna decide winner with the number of people participating the bike rally in favor of certain country.

OK, I have been showing all the negative aspects of doing this and that. What about the positive things people could have done ? I don’t know how may of the Brazil supporter or Fifa World cup lover are aware of this – Brazilians are protesting against the world cup and there’s a great reason behind that. 250, 000 poor Brazilians were forced to leave their places to construct stadiums and other infrastructures for world cup 2014. If the people in any part of world cup are supporting this and that country and wasting money for those kinda bike rallys, they can do something for them. They can try to raise the attention of Brazilian government or FIFA about the problem. Obviously, it was just an example and there are a lots of things people can do.

Support any country with your own logic but don’t expect every other people will be supporting the same country. Entertainment is always necessary in life and these kinda sports events entertain people but there’s nothing you gain by hating certain country. You may gain some pleasure for sometime if the team you supporting wins 😀 .

10 Days Vipassana Meditation Camp Experience

I know I should I have written this post earlier or may be later too. It may be because I am kinda interested to doing things earlier than other do 😛 Well, well coming back to the point, I had set my goals for this year 2014 in back November 2013. One of my ambitious goal was to attend 10 Days Vipassana meditation camp for 3 times within this year 😀 Now I have realised how foolish it might have sound to the people who have attended Vipassana. The most interesting part was I was having trouble to get in because of my age. Now I don’t think attending for 3 times a year in this age will be possible unless I go for meditation in different camps hiding my ages and I can’t do that 😀

Back in April 2014, Deep Rana sir and I filled up the form for attending the course which was going to held in June 01 – June 12. Deep got registration but I didn’t. Now I think it was probably because of the automated system detecting the age I entered there. By coincidence, Deep also skipped the confirmation part which in turn left two of us to be in waiting list.

June 01
I was really very excited to go to meditation camp since I had failed to get in my last attempt. But after knowing about the tedious confirmation process and age barrier my excitement had decreased. At about 9 am I woke up, had bath and get dressed. Deep Rana sir came to pickup me and we were on bike journey to Lekhnath now. I was feeling great because I had been preparing for board exam for last 2 – 3 months and wasn’t even out 😛 We reached the camp by 12 and waited till 2 pm to check whether we will be able to get in or not. To be honest, after watching the arrival of other people I was nearly convinced that we have to return back and that was not true 😀 . Deep Rana sir wasn’t ready to give up hone and we were in 😛 I was very happy and excited again. After getting to the residential quarter, my excited to lowered incredibly as I found I had no other thing to do except sleeping 😛 I had to deposit my cell phone and other things in the registration process there.

June 02 – June 10
I know well that I can’t even explain the inner aspect of Vipassana meditation even if I try hard. Vipassana focuses on experience rather than the discourses. All I can say is you have to follow the daily routine from 4:00 am to 9:00 pm. You will be doing meditation for whole 12 hours a day. You will be provided with facilities good enough to perform your other daily activities. The camp will provide you with food and accommodation in the residential quarter. Regarding fooding, I found that the timing weren’t that good compared to my daily schedule 😛 You will be provided breakfast at 6 : 30 am , lunch at 11 : 00 am and tea at 5 : 00 pm. For me, it was kinda difficult to adjust for few days as we Nepalese eat heavy lunch and dinner 😛 . You will also have to follow several rules and one of the rule is maintaining Noble Silence. It’s not related to Noble prize but you can gain much more than that if you followed this properly . You aren’t allowed to speak with any other meditatior not even facial expressions 😛

June 11
It was like the golden day. I think diamond is better 😛 . This was the day when the rule of Noble Silence breaks and you can speak with anyone you like 😛 . You will realize the importance of speech that day 😛 . I talked with other people till 11 pm that day 😀

June 12
The Vipassana Camp formally ended at morning that day and we were now coming back to Pokhara again. I don’t know why but I felt like I had not ever been that place though we had gone with the same way I was trying to notice changes within myself.

After noticing myself for few days, I found a great change within myself and I was satisfied with the result. I will surely attend Vipassana meditation as soon as I get some free time. I will also recommend this meditation techniques to anyone who want to get free from sorrows and became Buddha. I am not writing anything about the things I have learned there because this meditation technique focuses on knowing things by experience. Keep in mind one thing ” Everything is Aniccha ” Aniccha !!

My Journey to Internet

I was eagerly waiting to write this post here in my first ever blog made to share my personal thoughts and beliefs. After being to blogosphere and internet world for around more than 3 years, I learned many new things and made many new friends. I made few blogs, learned WordPress theme development and many other things which I am going to mention in my blog posts.

So, Who Actually Am I ?

It’s kinda difficult to describe yourself 😛 Our own identity is not just about the name or the things we do neither the qualification we have 😀 I think it’s beyond writing to express our identity.

hahah simply I’m Rajeeb Banstola. I’m a school student from Pokhara Nepal who has passion for Internet and want to do earn living through Internet. Being a school student, my current income from internet is just not more than a source of pocket money for me as I mostly spend most of my time reading, learning and experimenting new things.

I am currently reading in Grade 11 Science Stream in Pokhara Higher Secondary School located in Bagar Pokhara.

Currently learning WordPress Theme Development, Entrepreneurial skills and many more.
I am currently involved in a team called dStars