Cycling to Sankhu, Kathmandu

Trying to maintain both full-time job with enthusiasm and making future life decisions makes me somehow get lost in time and forget to take some moment to truly enjoy the life.


Last Saturday, precisely on March 20, we the ThemeGrill Team had decided to go for a short cycling trip to Sankhu, the ancient town located on north-eastern side of Kathmandu. The original plan was to go to Nagarkot via Sankhu. With keeping in mind, capabilities and stamina of other team members, the trip was stripped to this length. 😀

Okay, one more shot. 😬🚲🚲

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At around 7, we started from Thamel. Making way through the busy streets of Kathmandu, we quickly reached Jorpati. From which, the path was quite cleaner, less traffic and more greener of course.

Sankhu is located around 17km far from Kathmandu Valley. The road was good with quite a few tough stretches here and there as one of our colleague who was acquainted of the way mentioned. For most of us, it was the first time going on such kind of cycling. Though I’d been cycling since childhood in Pokhara, I’d never pedaled in steep road. We already knew the cycling was going to be exciting and interesting. With different staminas and speed, we ride through some steep roads, some plain, waited long for some team members and finally reached Sankhu. 🙂

I can’t even explain how many bones in my body were in pain back then 😂😂 #Cycling #sankhu

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Near Salinadi, the holy river

On the way to Jarsing Pauwa

Afer reaching Jarsing Pauwa

If you are looking for short cycling route near Kathmandu valley, then this route might be suitable for you too. If you are experienced, you can pedal up to Nagarkot from there unlike us. 😉


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