Nepal Earthquake 2015 Insights

This post originally appeared on question-answer site, Quora, answering the question “Is there anyone on Quora who was in Nepal at the time of the earthquake who could give us insights on how it felt?”

I’m from Pokhara, Nepal.

I experienced the earthquake here. Though pokhara is not much affected with physical destruction. People here are still mentally disturbed.

Before earthquake, I was watching television. Then suddenly cable went off. I felt a small tremble. Initially, I thought it was because of the vehicles passing through the road. Moreover, I had experienced another earthquake few days ago. So I didn’t bother to do something. But in next moment, electricity went off and I felt strong tremble.

Then I somehow reached to roads as it was the only open space nearby. When I reached there, I found many people were already there. Since I had never experienced quake of more than few seconds, I had thought it would stop. But it lasted more than 60 seconds. I was looking at the buildings nearby which were shaking heavily. People were trying to jump off buildings. Sounds were being produced due to shaking of buildings. I felt like I was being shaked and my legs were moving itself.

After the earthquake, I lost electricity and internet connectivity for more than 10 hours. Situation was more worsened by the rumors. Every other people down the street was acting like seismologist. People spent the nights in tent for next 2 days. Currently the situation is kind of normal now.


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