High School Dropout?

This post originally appeared as answer to question “Should I drop out of high school?” on question-answer site, Quora.

No. Absolutely NO.

I’m also a high school student. I was school topper before I dived into programming. In fact, I even started a startup and failed badly.

In some point of my high school life, I had same exact thoughts. I thought all this things were bullshit and I should never know what is the powerhouse of cell or all those calculus. That led to having bad grades in my 1st year of high school.

But getting into college and school matters. It’s the school that took you to this position. If you have never been to school, it is highly probable you wouldn’t have been interested to robotics.

It’s your friends and teachers that shape you how you are right now. Finish your school, go to college to seek knowledge and make friends. If you look at the top companies right now, they somehow started from college. College provided the way for them.

These all things I wrote doesn’t matter if you have loaded parents.

Remember, people like Bill and Mark dropped out of Harvard. That’s HARVARD. It takes bomb and very very good academics to get there. So, stop using them as excuses.

I also have job offers from 3+ companies in my country. But I’m not going to take any. I’ve already realized the importance of college life and education.

You might not readily believe what I told because I didn’t even give shit to anyone. I thought I was right. I had good skills and job offers and saw the future bright. But the world is changing, constantly changing. There were no reason I should have believed to anyone else than my heart. But somehow with help of smart Quorans I was able to do so.

Think about it. Take some time. I know it’s hard to go back to studies now. I face the problem time and again. Find some way to motivate yourself.

College matters and you won’t get into good college without good grade.

Hope you got what I want to convey.

Note: I will never want someone to decide their life based on my experience. These are just my two cents. 🙂


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