Simpler Life – Realities and Expectations!

I believe we always wanted our lives to be simpler and less complicated. I don’t know since when we actually start memorising the events but I still think that’s what we wanted.

Probably when we were in Nursery, we wanted all those 26 letters to become less in number so that we could master more easily and fast. Some of us probably even stripped away some letters when we were asked to repeat. A step ahead, we had to learn about words. Complex words than those small single letters. Then, sentences were introduced. Paragraphs with long sentences full of words and hundreds of letters were there.

In the next stage, we were asked to compete some imaginary shits where that x always tend to lost somewhere and unknown. We had to find that thing as if we didn’t it would cause the next world war. Later on y and even z joined them. We are doing all those things in the hope of simpler life.

We were in school. Somehow enjoying life without even knowing what enjoyment was. We always thought the life was simpler ahead. So, wished this boring school life to end so that life will be simple without “x” playing hide and seek with us.

The hope of simpler life was the only thing that kept me going. Seriously, I had no idea why I was going to school, trying hard to get good marks, trying even more harder to top the school. All in the hope of simpler life.

We were then in college life. Still waiting for the simplicity.

In contrast, the life was getting complicated day by day. From the day, we stepped into this world. The every day was more complex, more hard to explain and understand.

Words were complex than letters, so were the paragraphs with sentences. You realized the hide and seek of “x”, “y”, “z” was nothing but mere climax of what was going to happen.

The college life you waited days and night was no more freedom or anything like that. It was a burden. Full of responsibilities. You had to worry about further education. Too much of confusion was there.

Simpler were those days of childhood when you could sleep whole day without being irritated by someone else. You were instead helped to sleep better.

Life is whatever. I’m not the right guy to give some sugar coated answer which would make a history changing quotes. BUT

Don’t let life randomly kick you into the adult you don’t want to become

I read that above line somewhere on internet. I don’t remember the source though.

That’s it. Life was never supposed to be fair. It is not even that complex.


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