My Journey to Internet

I was eagerly waiting to write this post here in my first ever blog made to share my personal thoughts and beliefs. After being to blogosphere and internet world for around more than 3 years, I learned many new things and made many new friends. I made few blogs, learned WordPress theme development and many other things which I am going to mention in my blog posts.

So, Who Actually Am I ?

It’s kinda difficult to describe yourself 😛 Our own identity is not just about the name or the things we do neither the qualification we have 😀 I think it’s beyond writing to express our identity.

hahah simply I’m Rajeeb Banstola. I’m a school student from Pokhara Nepal who has passion for Internet and want to do earn living through Internet. Being a school student, my current income from internet is just not more than a source of pocket money for me as I mostly spend most of my time reading, learning and experimenting new things.

I am currently reading in Grade 11 Science Stream in Pokhara Higher Secondary School located in Bagar Pokhara.

Currently learning WordPress Theme Development, Entrepreneurial skills and many more.
I am currently involved in a team called dStars


Startups Enthusiast. Loves to code (PHP, JS). Occasional Blogger, wannabe Entrepreneur & Amateur Philosopher

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