It’s that time of year again! Yeah, I’m actually talking about results. 10th Result will be published within few weeks and 12th Results are also on the way.

Okay, if you are looking something that motivates you after the result, then sorry you might not be in right place. Maybe you’ll want to check this few years later, just bookmark the URL 😉

Of Course, whatever I say here doesn’t really matter and you are really going to be fucked up if you haven’t done well in exams. See, results are probably one of the occasions when you get more call/visit from relatives then whole Dashain or Tihar or any other festival. From your next door neighbor to the guy who nears in the nearby shop or your distant relative, everybody wants to know your result. NOT because they care but because they want something to talk. Something to show in their next gathering that they know about people more than other folks in the group or maybe they just want to compare you to their sons/daughters who topped the school or once again to some distant relative they know, just to make you feel humiliated.

Despite all that, 20 years down the line, nobody really cares how much marks you got in your SLC or Plus 2 results. That is given the fact that you don’t fuck up your life.


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