Getting away from Internet!

It feels so weird after deactivating Faceboook, Twitter and Quora accounts in row. I had no idea what was going inside my mind. I just started with deactivating Facebook leaving message to few of my friends that I won’t be available on Facebook and ended up deactivating Quora account too. It feels so strange. I feel like I have nothing to do with internet.

It is probably not more than 4 years since I started using Internet. As kid, I thought doing blogging and a bit of coding was fancy thing to tell people around me. I never really got deeper idea of anything. I was just trying about everything possible without proper guideline. Even after 4 years, it’s same. I think I am conscious internet user just because I know how internet can be used for one’s benefit. I didn’t even use internet that way for myself too.

I don’t know when I became addicted to internet. When ever I opened Google Chrome in my laptop, first thing I used to do was opening Facebook to check some cool pictures of my friends, some useless conversations and some more useless notifications inviting me to play Candy Crush and most amazing part was those notifications used to claim that “they would find who would be my valentine for this year”. As I coder, I knew that was just random thing. After getting bored from Facebook, I used to open new tab to pretend if I was working which never produced any significance result.

Then again it was turn for twitter. Open twitter, if someone I knew was on timeline then I used that some other useless conversation. RT-ing programming related stuff to pretend I was a programmer which I never succeeded to be.

Lastly it was turn of quora. Click on new tab and open quora. Then another form of non-productive work. I know Quora was supposed to be productive but what if someone just opens up Quora to procrastinate. I was proud, actually very proud of what I have done in my age. I feel like idiot now thinking all those things. I used to read answers by famous people. Again I never really implemented those things in real life.

After getting bored by Quora, I used to open Facebook in another tab without realizing Facebook was already open in another tab of the same browser. This is the sequence of events I followed every day as my schedule which truly destroyed the path I was trying to follow.

After deactivating Facebook I realized that whenever I saw my beautiful new tab page. I opened up Facebook instantly. Whenever I had some kind of stupid questions on my mind, I used to open Quora instantly and same goes for Twitter. It was the way of living for me. Check Facebook updates, Twitter conversations, Quora notifications and the internet was over.

This doesn’t mean I wasn’t trying to do some works to gain experience. As a high school student I was trying to develop some websites for clients just as to gain some confidence. But again I never completed any of them. Most of them were made in last 1 day of deadline and I never looked at them after them. There were so many problems existing in those system which I never cared. That is how I lived my life. Never completing anything I starte…

This is a small story of mine and I am writing here without any purpose. I would have written this most probably either in Facebook or Twitter if I had not deactivated any one of them. Now it feels I have no place to express my feeling. So, my old blog with no content was the proper solution 😀

To those who noticed my wrong structures of sentences formations. I’m not a native English speaker. I live in country where I have to teach my teacher to use correct tense and spelling!


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  1. This was kind of sentimental feeling i’ve read so far.Sometime i too kind of feel bored of social networks. So going quiet far from it feels so peace. I really enjoyed the “I live in country where I have to teach my teacher to use correct tense and spelling!” part which was very funny & so true. 😀

  2. That’s not the end of the world! You could always start new!

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